Saturday, 9 July 2011

Introductions, Originations and Commencements

Greetings, one and all, and merry salutations!

Welcome to this blog of mine, called Ethereal Gears. This is intended to be a rather multifarious sort of an outlet, covering topics ranging from evolutionary biology through history, folklore and linguistics all the way up to my strange fascination with all things pertaining to clockwork, steam engines and nameless abominations from beyond the rifts of time. Also some comedy; I'll try to throw in a joke or two.

Now, who am I, to be beginulating a blog of such apparently ludicrous scope and ambition? What kind of twisted mind would set out to birth such a sprawling, labyrinthine monstrosity? Well, the answer to that question is a lot less high-faultin' than the query itself: My name is Charlie Johansson. I am a fellow from Stockholm, Sweden, born in 1987, who is currently a linguistics student at Stockholm University, and an author of steampunk, clockpunk, dieselpunk and about fifty other words ending in '-unk'. I am a world-builder and scribbler-down of short stories and (hopefully) a future novel all focused around the general theme of eldritch horrors alien to our four-dimensional spacetime, Da Vinci automata, alchemy, imperialism and valets who can make a dashed decent cup of tea even in the most strenuous circumstances.

The gods willing, this blog will contain everything from literary and movie reviews to opinion pieces on religion, science, the academy and popular culture and even a few original pieces of literature and world-building prose. Tying this malformed melange together will be the simple unifying vision of a love for the strange and outrageous, the wracked and warped and weird, tempered with a paradoxical deep respect and valuing of science, rationality, order and honest inquiry. Will this boil down to nothing more than rants about how aliens have obviously never visited Earth, but dash it all wouldn't it be just a bit of alright if they had done so? Or will this blog soar to more sonorous spheres, providing a delightful smorgasbord of fantasy and fact, insight and entertainment, wild flights of Romantic fancy and exacting Enlightenment demands for truth? Only time, and continued scrutiny of this here little journalistic nook of time will bear out the true results! So, please, stick around and come back for more, and I shall endeavour, as a great man was often wont to remark, to give satisfaction, sir.

Charlie O. Johansson, Esq.

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