Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ethereal YouTube Tips

Since I am at a bit of a loss at present for what to write a new snide and non-humorous rant about, I figured I'd instead supply some neat links to interesting and stimulating YouTube channels, whose rich and uplifting, thought-provoking and simply brilliant content will make the paltry scribbles littered across this so-called "blog" appear like so much shit smeared across the walls of a bedlam solitary.

Anyhow, here goes:

This is a very nicely produced, educational and highly informed channel created by graphic designer Peter Sinclair as a forum for discussion of global warming and related topics. What it basically boils down to is a series of wonderfully erudite videos debunking various anti-global warming myths and lies, coupled with regular updates on progress within the field of climate research and also the progress of the phenomenon of global warming/anthropogenic climate change itself. This is of course a topic that should interest every human being, but even if you find yourself not overly engrossed by this very imminent and important topic, just a few of Greenman3610's smart and gripping videos are categorically certain to utterly sway you. Also, if you're some kind of demented global warming "sceptic", just fuck the fucking fuck off, thanks, pip-pip, cheerio!

This channel hosts a continuing web series about a group of young men who start out by posting a bunch of exercise videos, sort of self-help snippets with tips and so forth about how you can get an effective work-out at home cheaply and easily combined with dietary tips and so forth. Rather, quickly, however, the plot dissolves into a nightmarish metafictional absurd horror drama cantered around the Internet-spawned entity known as the Slender Man (look him up at: for further info. Incredibly interesting, surprisingly well-acted and, most of all, very, very scary. If you are at all interested in innovative horror, do at least give this quirky ride of madness a try.

Arguably the best comedy web series every produced. This channel hosts episodes of the eponymous show Mister Deity, charting the Larry David-esque shenanigans of the creator of the universe, Mister Deity, not at all based on the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh (honestly!). The cast also include the Holy Spirit, also known as Larry, Mister Deity's on-and-off fling/archnemesis Lucy, and also a hunkalicious brown-bearded man who may or may not end up affixed to some sort of a structure reminiscent of a mathematical symbol. The show will make you think, feel and ponder, but mostly just laugh and laugh until you accept it as your own personal saviour.

This channel is arguably less high-profile than the trine listed above. Nevertheless, it deserves all the shout-outs it can amass and then some. Hosted by an American philosophy professor, this channel contains simply wonderful videos of short-to-medium length discussing all manner of topics from the perspective of philosophy, including vegetarianism, abortion, religion and even Tool. Highly eloquent, accessible, smart and possessing that quality so rare in high-level academics, namely an earnest desire to communicate his ideas clearly and to truly be understood, Sisyphus Redeemed parcels out YouTube-sized nuggets of thoughtfulness that both provoke thought and invite to discussion and reflection, very much in the true Socratic spirit, minus the hemlock (thus far, at least). Go a give 'im a go, guv! You'd never have thought you could become this sexed-up by practical philosophy!

Well, them's them, as they say. If this list is at all well-received (as in, if anyone reads it even once and mentions that they found at least one of the channels advertised vaguely interesting) I might easily dish out additional ones. I do so love spreading the word!

Till later,
Charlie O. Johansson

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